Chamber Ensemble

“Because we also are what we have lost” (2021) Guitar + Violin [9′]
Commissioned by Colin Davin and Kate Dreyfuss with the support of Augustine Foundation, premiered at Vernon Arts Center
Aid For Sex” (2019) Pierrot Ensemble + Fixed Media [6’30”]
Commissioned by National Sawdust
“Happiness filled the space of sadness” (2019) String Quartet + Live Electronics [11′]
Commissioned by PUBLIQuartetwith support from The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund, Premiered at National Sawdust
“Firing Squad” (2018) Reed Quintet + Fixed Media [7’20”] (as well as a wind arrangement)  
Commissioned by I-Park Foundation for Akropolis Reed Quintet
“America I Got to Know” (2017) Mixed Chamber Ensemble [2′]
Commissioned by Symphony Number One 
“White Helmets as white as death” (2017) Fl. Vln. Vla. [7’35”]
FP: Kocham Trio at Stony Brook University 
“Syria, a Fractal of WE” (2016) Violin, Bassoon, and Piano [6’20”]
“Logic Run Wild” (2015) String Quartet [6’30”] 
FP: Cassatt Quartet at Seal Bay Festival
“A Shared Solitary for Instruments” (2013) Pierrot Ensemble [5′]
FP: Contemporary Ensemble at Atlantic Music Festival 
“String Quartet Number One” (2011) String Quartet [4′]