Chamber Ensemble

“C Ce See” (2022) flute, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano, Percussion [14′] 
Co-Commissioned by the Cheswatyr Foundation and Composers Now for the inaugural year of Cheswatyr Commissions. The International Contemporary Ensemble performed the world premiere at NYU Skirball on October 15, 2022.
“Everything is Dark” (2021) Trumpet + Clarinet + Electronics [6’30”]
Commissioned by Spark Duo
“Because we also are what we have lost” (2021) Guitar + Violin [9′]
Commissioned by Colin Davin and Kate Dreyfuss with the support of Augustine Foundation, premiered at Vernon Arts Center
Aid For Sex” (2019) Pierrot Ensemble + Fixed Media [6’30”]
Commissioned by National Sawdust
“Happiness filled the space of sadness” (2019) String Quartet + Live Electronics [11′]
Commissioned by PUBLIQuartetwith support from The Adele and John Gray Endowment Fund, Premiered at National Sawdust
“Firing Squad” (2018) Reed Quintet + Fixed Media [7’20”] (as well as a wind arrangement)  
Commissioned by I-Park Foundation for Akropolis Reed Quintet
“America I Got to Know” (2017) Mixed Chamber Ensemble [2′]
Commissioned by Symphony Number One 
“White Helmets as white as death” (2017) Fl. Vln. Vla. [7’35”]
FP: Kocham Trio at Stony Brook University 
“Syria, a Fractal of WE” (2016) Violin, Bassoon, and Piano [6’20”]
“Logic Run Wild” (2015) String Quartet [6’30”] 
FP: Cassatt Quartet at Seal Bay Festival
“A Shared Solitary for Instruments” (2013) Pierrot Ensemble [5′]
FP: Contemporary Ensemble at Atlantic Music Festival 
“String Quartet Number One” (2011) String Quartet [4′]