NILOU as a Composer

 Hi! Welcome to my website 🙂


Let’s start by listening to the following solo piano piece

“F I X E D HbeaRt” performed by Niloufar Nourbakhsh

If you would like to listen to the full piece, click HERE (second movement is titled FIXED), commissioned and performed by ERIKA DOHI


“Veiled” commissioned by Amanda Gookin: Forward Music Project 


a taste of my chamber music writing 

Firing Squad – Commissioned by I-Park Foundation for Akropolis Reed Quintet


From these recordings, we built a soundscape of two different worlds like audio pen pals. Naomi Moser joined the collaboration to add a visual element. The footage includes scenes of Moser’s own mother in her youth, exploring answers from a different time and generation.  More –> I CARE IF YOU LISTEN 


I love writing for voice!

First Scene from “We the Innumerable” premiered at Stony Brook University

Arietta starts at 2:23, Aria starts at 3:56


A new arrest!
Another protest!
Constant media circulation of the violence in the streets!
And I shouted “Allahu Akbar” on our rooftop at 9 o clock every night with my sister. These were the circumstances in which I left my country for a different future in 2009. The events of the Green movement and the election that was stolen from me and my family and millions of other Iranians are still haunting us today as our country sinks deeper into a well of destruction. I had to write an opera to make sense of it, and so the first scene started.


Do you have more time?

Here is an excerpt from an orchestral piece I was working on

“Knell” (2018) excerpt 

Knell is inspired by imagining the very definition of this word:
“the sound made by a bell rung slowly (as for a death, funeral, or a disaster)”

I aimed to depict a constant ringing bell that is re-contextualized with various evolving parallel lines that keep returning with a different orchestral color.


Writing For Dance

M و  E ر  T ت  R  م O  | (Trio) collaboration with choreographer Marie Zvosec

Fixed Media

Commissioned by Spark and Echo Arts



“Knell” (2018)

“Run Run” (2017)

“Lambda of Life’s Frequency” (2014) 9’30”

I prologue II Lambda III Epilogue

Chamber Works

“Syria, a Fractal of WE” (2015) 6’20”

Syria, a fractal of WE – Score


Performed by KOCHAM trio at Stony Brook University



Here is my piece in response to Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban:

Commissioned by Women Composers Festival of Hartford. Listen to the following interview I had with WNPR with regard to this piece HERE.


“Thistle” “Serenade”

short songs on Pablo Neruda’s poetry,
FP: Stony Brook University with Soprano Lisa Flanagan 

“e, ee, ree, and I was free” 6’35”

e, ee, ree, and I was free – Score – Vocal Octet


“Logic Run Wild” (2015) 6’30”

FP: Calidore String Quartet at Stony Brook University, NY

Logic Run Wild – Score


“She Waltz” (2014) 7’35”

for Violin and Piano

FP: Spectrum, with violinist Lisa Casal-Galietta

“To The Lighthouse” (2014) 6′,

a tribute to Virginia Woolf

for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, vln., piano and percussion

FP: New York’s National Opera Center, Rhymes with Opera Ensemble



 To The Lighthouse – Score

A Shared Solitary for Instruments (2013) 5′

For fl., vln., vc., piano and percussion Premiered at Atlantic Music Festival 2013

Cello Sonata (2012) 6′

For Piano and Violoncello, premiered at Goucher College

String Quartet No.1 (2011) 4′

Premiered at Goucher College



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