NILOU as a Composer


“Run Run” (2017) excerpt


“Lambda of Life’s Frequency” (2014) 9’30”

I prologue II Lambda III Epilogue


Chamber Works


“White Helmets, as white as death” (2017) 7’40”

FP: Kocham Trio at Stony Brook University



“Syria, a Fractal of WE” (2015) 6’20”

Syria, a fractal of WE – Score



“Thistle” “Serenade”

short songs on Pablo Neruda’s poetry,
FP: Stony Brook University with Soprano Lisa Flanagan 



“e, ee, ree, and I was free” 6’35”

e, ee, ree, and I was free – Score – Vocal Octet



“Logic Run Wild” (2015) 6’30”

FP: Calidore String Quartet at Stony Brook University, NY

Logic Run Wild – Score




“She Waltz” (2014) 7’35”

for Violin and Piano

FP: Spectrum, with violinist Lisa Casal-Galietta




“To The Lighthouse” (2014) 6′,

a tribute to Virginia Woolf

for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, vln., piano and percussion

FP: New York’s National Opera Center, Rhymes with Opera Ensemble

 To The Lighthouse – Score



A Shared Solitary for Instruments (2013) 5′

For fl., vln., vc., piano and percussion Premiered at Atlantic Music Festival 2013


Cello Sonata (2012) 6′

For Piano and Violoncello, premiered at Goucher College


String Quartet No.1 (2011) 4′

Premiered at Goucher College



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