I F C A (Iranian Female Composers Association)

IFCA – Iranian Female Composers Association


IFCA has formed in 2017 by bringing three female identifying Iranian composers together: Niloufar Nourbakhsh, Anahita AbbasiAida Shirazi. When Niloufar Nourbakhsh (founding member of IFCA) decided to fully dedicate herself to a lifetime of composition, there was not a single mentor that she could look up to back in Iran. Once she moved to United States, she gradually discovered that there are many active Iranian female composers who are working throughout the world. By bringing these composers together, IFCA is aiming to achieve several goals: Support these female composers through their careers as this organization grows, Inspire organizers and ensembles in Iran to commission these female composers and engage with them for future collaborations, discover and mentor young female composers in Iran (especially ages between 18-22) who are fighting against all odds to become contemporary classical composers in 21st century Iran. IFCA’s first step is its launch concert at New York City in Spring 2018, presenting music of these women composers from Iran who are active throughout the world.



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